Ever since I can remember I have had a love for the ocean but not only that...I feared it.  Fear of its power and what lies beneath the surface...yet I was drawn to it.

Every year we take a trip down to the the Gulf of Mexico, with it's beautiful white sand and captivating blue water.  I sit for hours and hours at the shore listening to the tranquil whispers of peace.  

And the food we get on vacation??  The ocean also provides us nourishment! Always have to talk about food!! It goes hand in hand with vacation!

When we go to the beach a storm can blow in pretty fast and the lightening it sometimes brings can be scary so we run away and hide until it subsides. Storms can come quickly. They may last a short time or long - be gentle or harsh but they will come at some point.

If I take in too much water, it takes my breath away!  That salt burns my eyes and my nose! It is terrible!

What is underneath - all it contains - is mostly a mystery and the depths are too deep to dredge although many go to great lengths to learn about them and even in the shallows we are vulnerable to the dangers. Without protection and following safety instructions we can die.

People go to desperate measures just to be able to lay eyes on it, desperate for peace while many who are closest sometimes take it for granted.

Are you starting to see the similarities?

As children of the King we should...

  • have such a great love for Christ yet a reverential fear.  
  • sit at His feet for hours and hours and listen for His voice.  
  • allow Him to feed our body and souls with His nourishment.
  • be so far in that He takes our breath away.  
  • search out the mysteries of God although we will never know all of them.  
  • always study His Word, the instructions for our life, so that we will be better protected against the dangers.  Without His instructions we will die spiritually.
  • never take Him for granted but rest in His presence every chance we get.

There are some differences however.

Unlike the ocean...

  • When storms come we should not run and hide. We should run straight to Him - not away!  
  • We are safe at all depths in the Lord! We as Christians are still vulnerable to dangers around us but the Lord is our protection.
  • If you drink too much salt water you can get dehydrated and delirious yet you won't get that way from too much of Jesus.  You actually get spiritually dehydrated and delirious without Him.

Like the ocean, I have a fear of the Lord and what all following Him entails...YET I AM STILL DRAWN TO HIM!  Like a small fishing boat in the ocean, I am only a small vessel in His Kingdom but still I am useful - useful in bringing nourishment back to those who have never "seen" Him and are hungry.